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No cycle hangars available, lots of on street parking left empty, mostly small flats with no bike storage, high crime area and lots of theft

A secure cycle hangar would be preferable to a cycle stand. There is a lot of free space in the parking lot so it should be possible to install without issues.

LNER need to make their Azumas able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with thier partners. The old trains allowed us to reach cities on your route and we no longer can, bad for ... [more]

Pop-up fall-down signage for this Covid-19 closure to motor traffic

The new WEP Project promised cycle parking but residents need SECURE PARKING - the two santander stations are always empty for residents and local buildings have no bike storage policies.

It would be really great if we could get some parking for bikes where the entrance to our flat is.

Segregated cycle lane on these slip roads is needed. Currently very unsafe for cyclists.

The new road layout allows no easy access to Endell Street from the end of Gower Street for cyclists - a very common connection which hooks up to Quietway1

Notting Hill Genesis own the grade 1 listed building otherwise known as Isokon Flats situated on Lawn Road, NW3 2XD which also houses a gallery exhibition centre open to the public. There are 36 residential flats in total from whom we have ... [more]

I recommend that some secure parking should be provided near to Hillside Court as this building does not have cycle storage facilities and the flats and hallways are not suitable for bike storage.

This cycleway has never been working leading to confusion for pedestrians crossing Howland Street.

It would be a great help to cyclists for a north south artery through this large green space

It would be a great help to cyclists for a north south artery through this large green space

Enforce 20mph

One way needed down to Roslyn hill due to rat run

Divert cyclists up green hill due to heavy congestion of traffic but make green hill one way down onto Roslyn hill

No space for cyclists moving to and from junction causing silly close passes and overtakes on a heavy pedestrian area due to school and shops

Traffic calming measures especially for downhill traffic. Dark road with parking either side and pedestrians crossing to get to Golders Green park /heath

Better signage

Make one way traffic west Heath road towards Heath street along Whitestone walk as rat run, busy pedestrian area for Heath and right turning traffic on Heath street cause danger

Dangerous junction with pedestrians emerging from footpaths, cars around bends and out junctions. Need zebra to connect with Heath

Rat run, one directional traffic needed. Could direct cyclists up here at to avoid pinch points on Heath street

Enable cyclists to leave early from traffic lights here, particularly in the down hill sections which get very narrow down Heath street and east Heath rd

A502 pavement is wide enough for segregated cycle lane to continue directly to junction advance stop lines

Make one way with priority cycleway for cyclists to rejoin east Heath road at the junction with an appropriate advance stop

Holford place is no entry from Cannon place but still multi direction traffic. Make one way down hill apart from cycle traffic up hill enabling them to rejoin east Heath road at the top

Advance stop lines for cyclists due to busy road and steep hills at this junction

Limited / no footpath on East Heath Road, is a regular route for children to schools, needs implementing

East Heath Rd too dark, narrow, busy & steep for amateur cyclists. Alternative route through Willow Rd / Christchurch Hill needs signage for access to and from Hampstead Overground

Not easy for cyclists going Highgate direction to access cycle lane as they have to cross right over traffic

Advance stop lines for cyclists and assistance filtering. Very hilly and difficult area for cyclists to navigate up Heath Street / Roslyn Hill

Increase lighting through the dark wooded section of the road as cyclists go slow up the hill and often not seen by traffic

I would like to have a bike rack parking there

Kilburn High Road is a major town centre and public transport interchange with 3 stations (Brondesbury, Kilburn and Kilburn High Road), a multitude of buses and no space for pedestrians. Pavements need to be widened on the whole length to ... [more]

Kingsgate and Lowfield Roads and Netherwood Street are being used as a rat run to avoide Kilburn High Road. Create a traffic filter at the junction of Netherwood Street and Lowfield Road, preventing motorised traffic from entering Lowfield ... [more]

Create a segregated dual ways cycle way on Iverson Road and make Iverson Road one way trafic only East to West. This road is a real rat run and could easily accomodate a segregated cycle way linking West End Lane and Kilburn High Road. A se ... [more]

Filter traffic to and from Fordwych Road to Maygrove Road. Most traffic clogging up Maygrove Road, that has a school comes from or goes to Fordwych Road to avoid West End Lane and or Shoot-up Hill. This together with no right turn from Kilb ... [more]

Cycle route on Avenue Road please!

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to cut rat running

We work in an office block and would like a secure sheltered unit to park our bikes on the public footpath or highway. There's a motorbike as well as parking zone outside so should be easy to install.

Narrow rat-run enabled only by squeezing pavement space. As an alternative to complete closure, could be one-way only to cars, with a cycle contraflow, allowing parked cars to be moved off the pavement and fully onto the road

Pavement too narrow under bridge. Large drain hole needs repair. Segregated cycle lane needed.

Close this square to motor traffic and turn it into a piazza - it currently has three lanes dedicated to motor traffic and a car. It could be lovely outside the church. Albert Terrace could go two-way, removing the one-way system

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

The junction of High Holborn and Proctor Street (westbound, outside Pret) always feels very dangerous. There's no ASL and because of the island you wouldn't be able to get to it anyway. This makes it very dangerous if you want to get across ... [more]

Needs a cycle lane, probably should be one way, always closed anyway for gas repairs or broadband anyway might as well make it permanent

Very busy, polluting road. needs to be closed to traffic or at least one way with allocated cycle space and less parking

This junction is an absolute death trap as Avenue Road cycling path ends suddenly

Regent's Park Road, by the shops, needs pedestrian priority. There are many cafes, and people are NOT social distancing. Much wider pavements are needed, and through traffic needs discouraging and slowing.

Road needs to be closed to cars. Its part of the local development appication and hasn't been acted upon

Reduce motorised traffic on Fordwych Road. Being a long straight road, cars speed downhill, despite traffic calming speed humps. It has become a significant rat-run to avoid Cricklewood Broadway and Shoot Up Hill leading to Kilburn High Roa ... [more]

Cycleway along Maygrove Road to continue the Quietway coming from Christchurch Avenue. Reduce Motorised Traffic usage of Maygrove. It has become a serious rat run.

Chetwynd Road acts as a cut through from Tufnell Park to Gospel Oak; should be closed to create LTN

Seggregated cycle provision in both directions linking Angel and Regents Park. Road is wide enough.

All parking around Denning Road is informal and doesn't encourage residents to get into cycling.

Excellent cycle lane on Royal College Street ends abruptly at Kentish Town Road. This should be extended northwards towards Archway, replacing on-street parking.

Cyclists on the canal path have to dismount and walk through Camden Market, which is often very busy.

Narrow pavement. Cars take too much space here.

Needs contraflow cycle lane just like the rest of the neighbourhood

Cycleway needed on Kentish Town road please!

Parking on the street and bus lanes means it's difficult for cyclists to safely position themselves. Plus lanes changing between 3 and 2 between traffic lights etc. Dedicated cycle lane would make a realy difference.

Pavement too narrow to pass. Most parking (taking road width) unnecessary at southern end

A5 needs designated cycle lanes - direct route to central London. So many bicycles among buses and cars. Even during the lockdown at least car accidents risk cyclists's health and safety.

A5 needs designated cycle lanes - direct route to central London. So many bicycles among buses and cars. Even during the lockdown at least car accidents risk cyclists's health and safety.

Make this crossing straight across. Loads of people get stuck in the middle on the island with barriers so you can't social distance

Should be able to cross Woburn place in 1 light phase

This crossing should have a pedestrian phase

This crossing needs a proper pedestrian phase

Reduce right turn traffic to 1 lane and put in a cycle lane with an advance release light

Restore the cycle lane that has been lost by widening the pavement - take space from the road

Uncover the 'no left turn' sign from Tavistock Place into Judd Street. It is always covered up with black plastic

Remove parking here. The street is too narrow and the parrked cars block visibility at the corners

Pedestrian phase on traffic lights between Sainsbury's and Holborn tube is really short and needs lengthening

Create a segregated cycle at down parkway, with the current pavement measures at one end, traffic backs up. There is no space for traffic people and cyclists to pass

Making grafton road a cycling and walking thoroughfare with no cars, would take the pressure off Chalk Farm and Kentish Town high st, creating a connection from Camden market to one of north London’s largest open spaces. Right now it is t ... [more]

Remodel gyratory as per TfL proposals, with bus/bike only on eastern arm.

Remodel gyratory as per TfL proposals, with bus/bike only on eastern arm.

Widen pavements

England's Lane pavements are narrow and often busy because there is a supermarket and other shops currently open. There needs to be more space for people walking and running as it is also a good route to walk through to primrose hill/regent ... [more]

Pinch point around the zebra crossing - it gets very busy as there is a bus stop, supermarket and the hospital staff all using this one crossing. Some footway widening on one side of the road would help to make space for people to distance ... [more]

Why is the cyclelane on the wrong side of the road

The Outer circuit road of Regent's Park should be completely closed to motor traffic, which can ably use the adjacent roads outside the park. This would allow expansion of the park, much safer access for everyone, quieter and cleaner air, a ... [more]

This crossing is too narrow now.

Space for a proper cycleway here.

There are outdoor cycle stands at this junction, which are frequently pilaged. Bikes left here are often left without wheels and more. Many local residents are keen to find a better storage for their bicycles.

More space for cycling needed.

Filter needed to remove the conflict between motors using Swains Lane as a short-cut to Highgate and cyclists usinf it

Cycle parking needed here.

Please place stand on Willoughby Road between the high street and Rudall Crescent - There is nowhere to park bikes on our street nor on the Kemplay Road

There's a cycleway into this closed-off road but not out - a wasted opportunity.

A dead end for cars, perhaps, but not for cyclists.

Please can you put one at Rudall Crescent NW3 1RR? We have none. Thanks.

Please can you put one at Rudall Crescent NW3 1RR? We have none. Thanks.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

no available cycle parking nearby

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

There is no on-street parking on this or surrounding street - many bikes chained to poles. Parking sign poles need loops fitted, or some Sheffield stands in front of the church, or Bikehangar by removing parking space

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