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Cycling in Camden

Camden Cycle Journey Planner

Welcome to the CycleStreets cycle Journey Planner for Camden.

This is a development of the one that's been running in Cambridge for two years. The system not only offers you direct or quiet route options but will also show photos taken along the route - different depending on which direction you plan to travel.

The mapping is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) which is a relatively new idea - a database of very detailed geographic data that was created by a community of volunteers and to which anyone can contribute. Camden is already quite thoroughly mapped on OSM, but you may be able to spot some missing links, especially where they are cycle or pedestrian-specific.

YOU can improve the OSM maps by adding to OpenStreetMap or giving direct feedback to the CycleStreets website's developers. At present CycleStreets doesn't take hills (or cobbles) into account. Improvements to deal with this known limitation in the Beta release will be in place soon.

At present there are not many photos on Camden. (see for inspiration). Please help by uploading yours. It will soon be possible to add videos as well.

One feature we hope that you will find useful - every time a route is planned it is given a unique URL (the link at the top of your browser, starting http:// ...). This can be used by you in future or sent to a friend who (for instance) is thinking of cycling to work but doesn't know the best route. It is also possible to view planned routes on mobile phones that have internet access.

A browsable London Cycle Map is a separate development by the Camden Cycling Campaign that offers a browsable library of London routes and cycling resources. It shows the London Cycle Network and other recommended cycle routes over a variety of different types of map (Google Map, Satellite, Terrain; OSM and OSM Cycle) with pop-up summary information on each route as well as cycle shops, cycle parking, hazards and more.

Google Streetview is included so you can pop-up movable views of the streets and the mapped features. A simple interface to the CycleStreets Journey Planner is included, so you can create and see CycleStreets journey plans directly on

Cycling and cycle campaigning in Camden

Have a look at for more information on cycling and cycle campaigning in Camden.

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

There's now a great plaza at the north side of the British Museum, which would be ideal for ranks of cycle stands.

Quiet Way 1, Holborn

In London for a wedding. View of a slightly famous landmark from my room window.

Permanent Home Zone (as opposed to a Play Street for 3 hours a week/month) & bike hangar

London Cycle Hire live data shown in advertisement

London Cycle Hire point

Two-way cycle trial using light segregation

Signage advising new cycleway trial

Bus lane

Nice cycle permeability

Nice cycle permeability

Cycleways on trial, double the space than before, which is much-needed

Cycle parking at King's Cross - good to see it has finally been provided, but not enough of it

Bus boarding in London is much quicker because cash transactions upon entry are not involved

London Cycle Hire point

Traffic-calmed area

Traffic-calmed area


Cycle parking

Bike shop

This queue for the lift at St Pancras took almost 10 minutes to get through.

Motor vehicles are now barred from three sides of Fitzroy Square

Motor vehicles are now barred from three sides of Fitzroy Square

Motor vehicles are now barred from three sides of Fitzroy Square

Typical car-centric signage - it's still a through route, just not for motor vehicles

Road closure to creat a pleasant cycle route parallel to the Euston Road

Surprisingly unused cycle stands at the entrance to Euston bus station, considering the demand for parking in the station itself - and note the No Left Turns into the bus station for bikes sign beyond.

Temporary cycleway where the normal one is obstructed by construction work.

At last - the Seven Stations route has proper one-way cycle lanes on either side - and the road has been made one-way for motor traffic.

At last - the Seven Stations route has proper one-way cycle lanes on either side - and the road has been made one-way for motor traffic.

On a Virgin Voyager train from London Euston to Chester - I always worry that my wheel will get stretched...

Ospringe Road (west of Lady Margaret Road) Bikehangar Location: Kentish Town, London (England, United Kingdom)

Bikehangar Rochester Road (near Camden road) Location: Camden Town, London (England, United Kingdom)

St Augustine's Road Bikehangar Location: Camden, London (England, United Kingdom)

College Place Bikehangar Location: St. Pancras, London (England, United Kingdom)

Estelle Road Bikehangar

Ospringe east Location: Kentish Town, London (England, United Kingdom)

Ospringe Road Bikehangar Location: Kentish Town, London (England, United Kingdom)

Montpelier Grove Bikehangar Location: Kentish Town, London (England, United Kingdom)

The Royal College of Physicians has placed this gate blocking access even though both sides are publicly accesible

Looks like someone took their city bike into the salon!

Really bad congestion here on the day of a tube strike. Lorry on footway pedestrians squeezing through in both directions.

Gilbert Place

Cycle parking next to the kerb

Cycle parking

London Cycle Hire station


London Cycle Hire station - transition to new branding in progress

On-street cycle parking

On-street cycle parking

On-street cycle parking

New route near King's Cross, with cycle parking

Cycle parking

Cycle parking

Contraflow cycle track

Traffic calming in Somers Town - not closed to motor vehicles, but still improving the environment for cyclists.

Flying Dutchman shop, specialising in Dutch sit-up-and-begs.

Plenty of room for the odd cycle stand at the Jewish Museum.

Large area of newly tarted-up public space with not a single cycle stand.

At the far end it looks as if cyclists are being directed through this private estate, but this end is clearly unsuitable.

Is this a cycle lane, or are cyclists supposed to be on the carriageway where the cycle image is?

Possible cycle route through private estate (the signage is unclear at the east end).

On-road cycle lane - but there's no easy obvious access from the Goldington Crescent cycle route.

It looks as if cyclists are being routed through this private estate - some mistake I think

The route ahead is obvious, but the left-turn is puzzling - there's a No Left Turns sign at the lights.

Improved access to cycle route (remember to dismount for the zebra crossing)

Segregated cycleways on both sides of Pancras Road - not Dutch-style as there's too much of a kerb between the carriageway and the cycleway. Still, it's good once you get safely onto it.

This is not a Dutch-style cycleway as there's too much of a kerb between the carriageway and the cycleway. Still, it's good once you get safely onto it.

Short bus-stop bypass

Short bus-stop bypass for cyclists

Cycle stands at the new Francis Crick Institute, St Pancras

Giant bike shop, Camden

Bike House, Kentish Town

Hatton Wall

No exception for cycling at the short one-way section of Hatton Garden at its junction with Holborn / Charterhouse Street. But cyclists can proceed via the discretely marked pavement cycleway on the left which goes round the corner to th ... [more]

There is cycle parking at this location, but it is regularly full with a lot of "unofficial" parking on lampposts, railings, etc. There is space for more Sheffield stands.

An exhibition about distortions at the academic building alongside the seven stations route.

Laystall Steet


Little Russell Street

Van driver tried to assault me for taking this photo

Hybrid cycle lane Taking off from the lights

Hybrid cycle lane inside parking bays

Loading bay across hybrid cycle lane Rather incongruous, especially as there is a bus bay in the roadway just beyond. The raised kerb makes it awkward for a rider to go round a parked vehicle.

Hybrid cycle lane - newly built

Cycle lane behind parking bays Location: Camden Town, London (England, United Kingdom) I have been a bit scheptical about cycle lanes behind car parking bays, because of the risks of being car doored, or potential for obstruction. Thi ... [more]

One of the signs on the back of this lorry says: "Blind spot take care" which is a bit better than the usual attacks on cyclists or pedestrians.

Clerkenwell Road

Heart shaped cycle parking

Awkward merge from a protected lane into a busy traffic lane.

New cycle parking opposite King's Cross mainline station.

New cycleway arrangement explained by signage




London cycle hire point

Double-deck cycle parking on platform 17 at Euston station

Locked gate blocking access to cycle parking (luckily there's a way around to the right)

Double-deck cycle parking crammed into odd corners at Euston station

Cycle parking at the side of Euston station

We welcome your feedback, especially to report bugs or give us route feedback.

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